Blockchain & Investment Roadshow

Blockchain & Investment Roadshow is a conference platform connecting Investors and Entrepreneurs, an elite gathering discussing the future of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies. The event is focused on areas like sustainable investment in Blockchain Technologies, using Blockchain to drive results, efficiency, and transparency, actual implementation of Blockchain in business, practical implementation of Blockchain application in a diverse range of industries.

Blockchain & Investment Roadshow aims to bring together leading investors / VC’s, enterprises, associations, communities, entrepreneurs, ICO projects, exchanges, developers, miners, solution providers, government officials, policymakers and leading media houses.

Propelling Blockchain to revolutionise traditional business processes

Blockchain from being yet another popular trend has now transformed to become a technology to be reckoned with. It is predicted that Blockchain will generate an annual business value of more than US $3 trillion by 2030 and experts believe 10% – 20% of global economic infrastructure will be running on Blockchain-based systems around the same time.

It’s now or never for businesses to start using digital technologies to improve their value chains.

Blockchain is being used as a powerful tool for structuring how companies work together and when, coupled with technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, IOT and AI, Blockchain can deliver even greater results.

Discover how Blockchain impacts specific business operations and the broader value chain.

Gain a full understanding of the technology stack, how it’s being used, and how it will revolutionize the way we transact.

A pure deal facilitating conference connecting accredited Investors to Startups & ICO’s

Network with venture capitalists, crypto investors, institutional investors, HNI’s, private investors, fund managers, startups, public companies, and influencers.

Meet accredited investors over lunch, VIP lounge, private meetings, pitch sessions, and during the after party.

Pitch investor’s funds for up to 10 million for early and high growth ventures.

Explore trends in ICO’s, Blockchain and Virtual Currency markets and discover the investment landscape.

Hear from handpicked speakers with in-depth experience in both theoretical and practical implementation of Blockchain applications from a diverse range of industries.

Attend private meetings with investors during investor’s round table conferences.

Any company running an initial coin offering can showcase their company to investors, VC’s and funds who are actively looking for such deals

Our primary focus is bringing Blockchain investment opportunities and investors under one roof and creating a platform where ICO projects seeking funding can present their companies to investors and meet them in person to discuss deals.




Stay on top of the latest happenings in the technology world and take away insights, ideas and tools that can enable your AI journey.



Witness the global tech leaders and experts debate and deliberate the present and future of emerging technologies through keynotes, panel discussions, fireside chats and more.



Meet and greet over 500+ enterprises, decision makers, technology leaders, start-ups, investors, government officials, regulators, researchers, academicians, and global AI solution providers from across the world.



Catch more than just a glimpse of some of the upcoming, revolutionary products in the field of AI, ML and Robotics from around the globe.


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  • Day 1

  • Day 2

  • Get Welcomed: Registration & welcome coffee

  • Welcome address by BCWS conference chairperson

  • Unlocking future: The key is to understand the role of Blockchain within your business models

  • Re-Inventing Business processes using Blockchain

  • Pros and cons of incorporating Blockchain platforms into your business models.

  • Power Networking Session + Business Matchmaking Introductions.

  • Enterprise security for Blockchain transactions.

  • Creating the infrastructure: Building the gap between crypto and traditional banking.

  • Discovering decentralization; convergence AI and Blockchain.

  • Blockchain solutions for Real Estate.

  • Blockchain in Manufacturing.

  • Discuss the issues and challenges around BC & Crypto Market. Everybody in the hall gets to ask questions and answer questions.

  • Blockchain for the greater good.

  • The future powered by crypto.

  • How to develop scalable solutions.

  • Discuss the issues and challenges around BC & Crypto Market. Everybody in the hall gets to ask questions and answer questions.

  • Business networking session. Business match-making introductions.

  • The future powered by crypto.

  • Conference chairperson closing remarks.

  • BCWS Exclusive after party-network with the elite.

  • Expect the unexpected - we have surprises for everybody.

  • How to expand your reach in crypto?

  • The challenges and opportunities of Blockchain on property transactions.

  • The future of crypto finance.

  • Discuss the issues and challenges around BC & Crypto Market. Everybody in the hall gets to ask questions and answer questions.

  • Power Networking Session + Business Match-Making Introductions.

  • Understanding the market dynamics for token sale and crowd funding.

  • Blockchain governance for public administration.

  • Blockchain in Manufacturing.

  • Democratizing investing via Blockchain.

  • Discuss the issues and challenges around BC & Crypto Market. Everybody in the hall gets to ask questions and answer questions.

  • Harnessing the power of Blockchain for vertical markets.

  • Will crypto restructure global financials and currency markets?

  • Blockchain for public services and social good.

  • Discuss the issues and challenges around BC & Crypto Market. Everybody in the hall gets to ask questions and answer questions.

  • Business match-making introductions.

  • This can be your golden ticket. Give us everything you have got.

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